Marc Haspel, DPM 



Custom Orthotics, Shoes & Braces 

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Dr. Haspel is board certified in podiatric orthopedics and primary podiatric medicine. He is strongly qualified to treat conservative management of all foot deformities, gait abnormalities and other pedal conditions.

The doctor recognizes that many, if not all foot problems arise from poor biomechanics. Also, many patients experience problems because of sports-related activities. It is for these reasons that Dr. Haspel treats a variety of orthopedic and biomechanical conditions such as: plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndromes, Achilles tendon problems as well as all forefoot problems.

The key element of nearly every one of Dr. Haspel’s treatment plans involves the fabrication and dispensing of custom made orthotics devices. These  custom orthotics are created to correct the biomechanical faults that are causing the patient’s problems. He orders a variety of styles based upon individual patient needs.

Dr. Haspel employs shoe therapy in the treatment of patients with foot deformities. He is a participant in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program, and is able to dispense diabetic shoes and inserts to patients with diabetes.

In addition to shoe therapies, Dr. Haspel offers a variety of prefabricated and custom made braces and orthopedic appliances to help patients who are experiencing problems with walking. Dr. Haspel also understands that as people age they develop problems with balance and instability. It is for that reason that he offers a selection of orthopedic braces and appliances to assist in maintaining functional walking.